The Weather for Transportation

The players in road, rail and air transportation all need precise weather reports to ensure the safety of users and to anticipate and limit the impact of weather conditions on the different activities.

At Previmeteo, we offer reliable and precise worldwide weather forecasts. We have experience working in the transportation industry, we know your needs and can respond to them as quickly as possible.

Our precise and detailed forecasts allow you to make the right decisions at the right moment while reducing your expenditures (sanding of roads, de-icing of landing strips, etc.)

Weather services for Transportation

Weather phenomena such as rain, snow, freezing rain, gusting winds, extreme heat and many others, are potential hazards that can affect all parts of the transportation sector. Your priority is to ensure the security of your users while optimizing the maintenance actions.

We offer solutions for all the players in the transportation sector:

  • Roads and highways: roadway maintenance, servicing, sanding, etc.
  • Railway network: freezing of the rail and the air supply lines, etc.
  • Airport and airlines: de-icing and landing strip protection, etc.

The advantage of our solutions:

  • Guarantee the security of your users and your personnel
  • Anticipate weather phenomena
  • Save time
  • Save money (limit upkeep expenses)
  • Reduce delays and traffic issues

Do you want to integrate the weather to your website? We offer weather web-services that allow visitors to follow the evolution of weather conditions in real time. They can also plan their trip and predict the equipment needed (check air-conditioning, snow tires, etc.)

Weather extranet for transport companies

Decision-making tool

Anticipate maintenance operations of your transportation networks and reduce your expenses with our weather intranets and extranets. You have access to all the necessary parameters to make the right decision at the right moment.

The interface brings together precise, hourly weather forecasts for the location of your choice. You have all the keys in hand to plan your operations and ensure the security of your users.

 Weather forecast subscription to anticipate bad weather on transport routes

Platinum Subscription

The Platinum subscription allows you to obtain hourly forecasts in the cities of your choice worldwide. Ensure the security of your users and your staff by providing maintenance (de-icing of roads, tracks, etc.).

Make the right decisions in all circumstances thanks to our local and accurate forecasts.

Weather alerts to provide maintenance actions for transport routes

SMS / Email Alerts

Be the first to know when approaching a meteorological phenomenon. Set the alerts of your choice and receive them by SMS / Email or notifications. These alerts allow you to anticipate the weather and act accordingly.

Weather webservices for websites

Taking the weather on the road with you.

Thanks to our powerful weather web services, you help your users better prepare for their journey and you allow them to monitor the weather situation in real time on your road network.

We create a ready to use web service that is specifically for you, and tailored to your needs.

Témoignages de clients

Our clients

  • Festival Garorock, fourniture de données météo
  • SNCF, client pour bulletins météo en PDF
  • La Poste, client pour un webservice météo
  • Aéroports de Paris, création d'un intranet météo sur-mesure
  • Disneyland, fourniture d'un extranet météo
  • Super U, fourniture de données météo
  • Eiffage, client pour des données météo
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen, fourniture de données météo sur-mesure
  • Infotrafic, création d'un webservice pour leur site internet
  • GDF, client pour des données météo
  • Gibmédia, création de vidéos météo sur-mesure
  • Française des Jeux, fourniture de données météo
  • Auchan, client pour des données météo
  • Saint Gobain, fourniture de données météo pour leur intranet
  • Fourniture de relevés météo pour le Groupe CIR
  • Télé Z, création d'un webservice météo pour leur site internet
  • Données météo pour l'intranet de Camaieu
  • Fourniture de contenus météo pour écrans PLV dans les DOM TOM
  • Fourniture de données météo pour le site internet de la Fédération Nationale des Courses Françaises
  • Station météo autonome et connectée pour ce vignoble marmandais
  • Fourniture de données météo pour de l'affichage dynamique
  • Fourniture de données météo pour l'affichage sur différents écrans
  • Fourniture de cartes météo pour des écrans
  • Création d'un service d'alertes
  • Mise en place d'un système d'alertes
  • Fourniture d'une station et d'un abonnement MyPrevimeteo
  • Fourniture de données météo pour des sites internet